RentABalloonRace - Virtual balloon race

A virtual balloon race for Walk the Walk

Getting Started

  1. Start by creating an account here.
  2. Add your virtual balloon or balloons to your cart and pay with your debit or credit card. Your balloon purchase(s) will be confirmed to you by email.
  3. If you have been gifted a virtual balloon, you will be sent a unique ‘Balloon Activation Code’ by email, which you can enter to give you access to your balloon account. Please be aware that until you create and activate your gifted balloon, it is not in the race!
  4. Now you are ready to start decorating and customising your virtual balloon!

About Walk the Walk

Walk the Walk is a grant making charity dedicated to raising money and awareness for vital breast cancer and other cancer causes. We are also passionate about encouraging women, men and children to start walking as the easiest way of becoming more active, keeping fit and maintaining good health. This has now been recognised to play a key part of overall well-being and prevention against not only cancer but all disease.

Buy a #WTWBalloon in support of Walk the Walk

We need your help now! Every balloon will make a difference, so buy yours for the virtual #WTWBalloon race today!

Cancer support services and cancer charities across the UK are desperately trying to recover from the Covid crisis trying to provide much needed care and support for those living with cancer.

What your #WTWBalloon will buy

Cancer patients have had a devastating time during the pandemic, with many experiencing postponed and even cancelled treatments. The loneliness of having to isolate and go through treatments alone, has only compounded the anxiety and stress, and at a time when essential face to face care and support ceased to exist and suddenly the world became virtual.